Coming  June 16th

How to Catch an Elusive Earl
Romancing The Rake 2

He’s a rake of the first order…

Miss Adrianna Moorish knows a rake when she meets one and the Earl of Crestwood is the worst sort. Yes, he looks charming and handsome and sure, every word is perfectly chosen to compliment, but that shiny veneer holds a lecherous heart. She’ll protect her sisters from his false advances and make certain none of them fall under his spell.  The only problem, who is going to protect her

Coming  July 14th

Where to Woo A Bawdy Baron
Romancing The Rake 3

They say he’s too dangerous…

The Baron of Craven is tall, dark and brooding. He hardly ever speaks and when spoken to, he mostly just glowers. Which is why Bianca Moorish can’t be believe that she gets stuck searching for her sister’s cat with such a rogue. Worse still, she ends up stuck in a tree with no one to help her but…him. How does she always manage to get herself caught in these sort of dilemmas? But the situation only gets worse. Because once he wraps a strong arm around her waist to rescue her, well, why does her heart beat so fast? And how can she slow her racing pulse? And why did she never notice that his dark eyes are actually the color of warm chocolate?

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